Publication 2004 : An Edited Book

The Bayeux Tapestry : Embroidering the Facts of History

[ Version Française ]


Pierre BOUET, Brian J. LEVY, Fançois NEVEUX (ed.)

This volume, published simultaneously in French and English,with reproductions of the Tapestry and other illustrations in colour, originated as an international colloquium held in October 1999 at the Cultural Centre of Cerisy, in Normandy. It makes available to the wider public the fruits of research carried out over the past twenty years by some of the most eminent of Bayeux Tapestry scholars.
The aim of the original colloquium was threefold : to reveal for the first time details of the work carried out by the team of textile specialists engaged in the full scientific study of the Tapestry in 1982-83 ; to publish the latest historical research on the events recorded by the Tapestry (with particular reference to its source material) ; and finally to analyse the various techniques involved in the creation of this unique work of art.

Publication of Cerisy Symposiums (1999) [For more information]
Available at Cerisy from Members of Amis de Pontigny-Cerisy [n°321b]


Publisher : Presses universitaires de Caen

ISBN : 2-84133-213-6

Length : 432 p.

Illustrations : Colors and Black & White

Price : 39.50 €

Publication Date : 2004