Publication 2021 : An Edited Book

Chance, Calculation and Life

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Thierry GAUDIN, Marie-Christine MAUREL, Jean-Charles POMEROL (ed.)

Chance, Calculation and Life brings together 16 original papers from the colloquium of the same name, organized by the International Cultural Center of Cerisy in 2019.
From mathematics to the humanities and biology, there are many concepts and questions related to chance. What are the different types of chance ? Does chance correspond to a lack of knowledge about the causes of events, or is there a truly intrinsic and irreducible chance ? Does chance preside over our decisions ? Does it govern evolution ? Is it at the origin of life ? What part do chance and necessity play in biology ?
This book answers these fundamental questions by bringing together the clear and richly documented contributions of mathematicians, physicists, biologists and philosophers who make this book an incomparable tool for work and reflection.

Publication of Cerisy Symposiums (2019) [For more information]
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Publisher : ISTE Ltd // John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Collection : Information Systems, Web and Pervasive Computing

ISBN : 978-1-78630-667-8

Length : 300 p.

Illustrations : Black & White

Price : 165.00 USD

Publication Date : 2021

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